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About Me
You already know that I'm eleven years old and love animals. I live in Portland, Oregon, with my little brother, my mother and father, our golden retreiver, Chloe, my very own pet leopard gecko, Sunny, and our Egyptian Mau cat, Sasha. She likes to sleep on my bed, but it can sometimes be annoying because she tries to hog my whole pillow.

Some of my favorite animals are sea creatures, especially sharks. Most people are scared of sharks, but sharks are really not man-eaters. In fact, only about 4 species of sharks are dangerous to people. I'm a member of the Shark Research Institute. I have a membership card and they send me their newsletter.

My family and I have been Vegans for five years now. We don't eat meat or dairy or eggs. Instead of cows milk, we use soy milk. Soy Delicious is just as good as ice cream.

My favorite hobbies are drawing, reading, playing soccer and basketball, bird watching, and using the computer. My favorite books are the Redwall series, the Eragon trilogy and Warriors which is about a clan of feral cats. I have more book suggestions for kids on my Recommended Reading list.