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Favorite Links

I will donate the proceeds from Josie's Critters to the following organizations:

  1. Vegan Outreach - Working to end animal suffering by promoting a vegan lifestyle. A great site to visit if you are curious about why people choose veganism or if you need help getting started on your own path.
  2. Shark Research Institute - I am a member of this group which sponsors research and promotes conservation of sharks. They send me a newsletter, and last year I received a DVD about their Operation Whale Shark program. The whale shark is largest fish in the world and is a filter-feeder (it eats mostly crill and plankton).

Here are some cool websites. Some are fun and some are educational (and hopefully fun too!):

  1. Club Penguin - Create a penguin avatar, play games with other kids or solo, win virtual money and buy cool clothing and accessories for your avatar or a pet furry ball called a Puffle.
  2. NeoPets - Adopt up to 4 virtual pets, play games, win Neopoints to buy virtual food and other items for your Neopets.
  3. Orisinal - Cute and fun games for kids or adults (dozens of games!)
  4. How Stuff Works - If you want to know how just about anything works, go to this site. Be sure to check out their How Sharks Work page.
  5. Monterey Bay Aquarium - Their new Shark exhibit opened on April 2, 2004. Fish are not vegetables and they suffer when caught and killed just like any other animal. However, if you are going to eat fish, please make sure that it is caught or farmed in ways that support a healthy ocean ecosystem. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program and print out a wallet card to help you make better seafood choices.
  6. Seattle Aquarium - One really cool exhibit is the Salmon Ladder. Salmon have the ability to return to the same stream of water where they hatched. So the aquarium staff hatches salmon fry, lets them grow in one of the exhibits, and then releases them into the Pudget Sound. Then a few years later, the adult salmon return to the aquarium and jump up the salmon ladder to start the cycle starts all over again.
  7. Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - Research and education about sharks. I got to meet several members of "Team Pelagic" a few years ago at the "Shark Festival and Sanctuary Celebration" on the Santa Cruz pier. It was great to see so many other people who care about sharks like I do.
  8. The Meatrix - Watch this great Flash cartoon to learn the truth about factory farming. It's a spoof on the movie "The Matrix.".